About Walt Kasmir, Ph.D.

Speaker & Trainer | Grief Counselor

Walt Kasmir, Ph.D., is a gerontologist, a behavioral expert, and globally sought-after speaker and trainer.

He’s a Fellow in the American Academy of Grief Counseling (FAAGC) and one of America’s preeminent Grief Counselors and Life Coaches.

He’s known as The Neuro-Maestro because of his Theo-centric Neurophilosophy and transforming his clients’ lives with a blend of philosophy, cognitive neuroscience, and psychology!


Walt Kasmir, Ph.D.
Walt Kasmir, Ph.D.

My Story

I was just like many of you…I’ve suffered many trials, disappointments, discrimination, frustration, and living beneath my true potential.

With the support of an ever-loving wife, I tapped into my innate resilience, went to work on my own “thought-life,” personal growth, and wellness: a total transformation.  Using the same strategies and techniques, I can now guide you through your transformation journey.

My Background

I’ve spent over 25 years in healthcare, starting as a Fireman-Paramedic. While working full-time, I earned a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and, later, a Master of Philosophy from the University of Akron.

My expertise in human behavior is based upon years of study of topics including philosophy of mind, philosophy of religion, cognitive neuroscience, and psychology. I also draw upon thousands of clinical encounters in emergency medicine, geriatrics, psychiatry, prison clinics, case management, and hospice.

I continue to hone my expert communication skills, interpersonal skills, and neuroscience with credentials like:  Certified Senior Advisor®,  Board Certified Pastoral Counselor (BCPC), Certified Pastoral Thanatologist (PT-CSp), and a Certified Spiritual Life Coach with a Ph.D. in Transformative Science.

Peak Performance Coaching 

Discover the transformative insights of Dr. Walt Kasmir, a highly sought-after speaker, grief counselor, and peak performance life coach. As a Black Grief Coach with a profound understanding of human behavior and cognitive neuroscience, Dr. Kasmir brings a unique and authoritative yet conversational voice to empower you on your journey towards healing and peak performance. Unlock your potential with Dr. Kasmir’s expertise and experience. Find hope, healing, and success through his empowering guidance. Embrace a brighter future with Walt Kasmir, PhD.


"Compose" The Life You Desire and Deserve!

With Walt Kasmir, Ph.D., The Neuro-Maestro®