About Walt Kasmir, Ph.D.

Advocate | Eldercare Coach | Trainer

Author of Artistry of Eldercare, Walt Kasmir, Ph.D., Professional Advocate, Aging Expert,  and globally sought-after Speaker and Trainer.

He’s a Social Security Disability Insurance Authorized Representative  and an Veterans Affairs Accredited Claims Agent. He’s one of America’s preeminent gerontology thought leaders and Life Coaches.  He’s known as The Elder ACE® for his expertise in advocacy, gerontology, and cognitive neuroscience.


Walt Kasmir, Ph.D.
Walt Kasmir, Ph.D.
My Story

I was just like many of you…I’ve suffered many trials, disappointments, discrimination, frustration, and living beneath my true potential.

With the support of an ever-loving wife, I tapped into my innate resilience, went to work on my own “thought-life,” personal growth, and wellness: a total transformation.  Using the same strategies and techniques, I can now guide you through your transformation journey.

My Background

With a warm heart and a deep understanding of the intricate journey of aging, I bring a unique perspective to Eldercare Coaching. My path in this field is not just professional, but deeply personal. As a gerontologist and a seasoned copywriter, I’ve dedicated my life to understanding the aging process, offering guidance and support to hundreds of families navigating this complex and often emotional terrain.

My expertise is rooted in both academic knowledge and real-world experience. The challenges faced by Adult Children With Aging Parents are close to my heart, as I’ve walked this path myself. The gradual decline of my own parents, especially the heart-wrenching progression of Alzheimer’s disease, has given me firsthand insight into the struggles many families face. This personal journey has not only deepened my empathy but has also fueled my passion for supporting others through similar experiences.

I believe in a holistic approach to eldercare, one that honors the dignity and individuality of each aging individual while providing their families with the understanding and tools they need to make informed, compassionate decisions.

My mission is to be a guiding light in what can often be a dark and confusing time, offering a blend of wisdom, empathy, and practical strategies to those who are grappling with the complexities of caring for aging loved ones.

Together, we can navigate this journey with grace and understanding, creating a path that respects the needs of both the elderly and their families.


Doctor of Philosophy – PhD -Transformative Science

Master of Philosophy – MPhil -Philosophy-Neuroscience-Psychology [PNP]

Bachelor of Science – BSN- Nursing, Professional Writing


I continue to hone my expert communication skills, interpersonal skills, and neuroscience with credentials like:  Certified Senior Advisor®,  Board Certified Pastoral Counselor (BCPC), Certified Pastoral Thanatologist (PT-CSp), and a Certified Spiritual Life Coach with a Ph.D. in Transformative Science.

An Aging Expert Helping You Help Them!

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