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Walt Kasmir, Ph.D.

This is a “must-have” for anyone facing the gripping pain of grief.

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About Walt Kasmir, Ph.D.

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Walt Kasmir, Ph.D.

Walt Kasmir, Ph.D., is a human potential expert and globally sought-after motivational speaker.  He lectures, trains, and consults throughout the continental United States, Africa, and the UK on grief, stress management, The Faith-Factor in Psychoneuroimmunology, and mental agility.

We’ll walk with you on your journey of healing, meaning-making, and resilience.  Dr. Kasmir developed expertise in grief during his clinical experience as a hospice nurse. He’s helped thousands face end-of-life issues with dignity and grace.

He’s also the founder of The Neuro-Maestro® Performance Institute, which distributes healing audio programs worldwide.

Dr. Kasmir is a Fellow of the American Academy of Grief Counseling (FAAGC) and is considered one of America’s preeminent grief counselors & life coaches.

He’s affectionately known as The Neuro-Maestro® because of his Theo-centric Neurophilosophy and for his ability to transform clients’ lives using a transpersonal blend of philosophy, neuroscience, and psychology to “Compose” a Life They Desire and Deserve!

It’s an honor to travel this journey with you.


Walt Kasmir,Ph.D.

"Compose" The Life You Desire and Deserve!

With Walt Kasmir, Ph.D., The Neuro-Maestro®