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What’s The Difference Between Counseling and Coaching?

Traditional Psychotherapy-based Counseling.   Psychotherapy is aimed at helping patients to identify and resolve mental and emotional health issues resulting from such things as childhood abuse, clinical depression, or mental illness.

Coaching and Spiritual Counseling.  Coaching and Spiritual Counseling are aimed at helping otherwise mentally and emotionally healthy clients achieve goals and objectives in life and business.

      • Traditional counseling usually focuses on past issues whereas coaching focuses on future goals.
      • Coaching is solution and goal driven focused on moving the client to where he or she wants to be. The past may be discussed on occasion, but only within the context of discovering what is blocking the client from moving forward.
      • Coaches are mentors, supporters, encouragers, motivators, advisors, and teachers.
      • Counseling is conducted face-to-face, one-on-one.
      • Coaching can be conducted in-person, by phone, or by video.

Life Coaching

The typical person can excel in school, go to college, and even achieve professional acclaim—following the so-called “success script,”  and yet, fail in crucial areas of life, such as:

      • Developing social and emotional intelligence skills
      • Learning to be mindfully present
      • Learning to effectively cope with grief
      • The grueling challenges facing Adult Children of Aging Parents
      • Tapping into your innate resilience in a toxic world

If you’re ever to find true happiness and thrive, you must become self-actualized. Dr. Kasmir’s Neuro-Maestro® Coaching program will enable you to begin the process of self-actualization.

This coaching program is well suited for people suffering from grief, adult children of aging parents, and those who are at critical turning points in life. The only way you can accomplish meaningful, lasting change is to deliberately position yourself to function at an optimum level.

The key to living a meaningful, joy-filled life is alignment. Your vision must match your core values. Dr. Kasmir’s coaching program creates the clarity you need to identify and eliminate your blind spots, build resilience and mental agility, and find peace and prosperity.

If you’re losing sleep, having trouble staying focused, or wondering if you should leave or stay, this coaching program is tailor-made for you.


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With Walt Kasmir, Ph.D., The  Eldercare Coach®